1. Grew up in a suburb of Chicago, now lives in the city.
  2. Went to Indiana University and studied Journalism.
  3. Knew she did not want to be a reporter or on TV but confident she wanted to be a part of the media field. 
  4. Wishes she had a professional camera to take more quality photos.
  5. Was that kid that always asked Why? How? She still ask a lot questions.
  6. Was on the track (only one season), tennis, and badminton during high school.
  7. Likes to keep the apartment tidy and organized.
  8. Makes the bed every morning. And if for some rare reason it was not made in the morning, it will be made before she crawls in for the night. 
  9. Cannot stand sitting on the bed with the sheets crumpled everywhere.
  10. Enjoys practicing yoga on Saturday mornings.
  11. Backpacked Europe for four weeks in Spring 2006.
  12. Went Skydiving over the Swiss Alps (Switzerland).
  13. Would rather bake than cook. Likes to leave the cooking to her boyfriend.
  14. Lucky to be in love with her best friend.
  15. Enjoys hockey and baseball live, prefers college basketball over professional, and enjoys watching football with the boyfriend on Sundays.
  16. Could watch the Food Network all day.
  17. Loves Trivia games but would be afraid to be on Cash Cab. ( Has a friend who was on it in NY! How cool is that?!)
  18. Has a very eclectic music catalog on her iPod Touch.
  19. Frequently attempts the crossword and sudoku in the daily paper.
  20. LOVES traveling - even though she is terrified of plane turbulence. 
  21. Wants to be a pilot. For an hour.
  22. Was a vegetarian for a year and half, but now eats meat again.
  23. Loves playing Super Mario Bro and Mario Kart (N64) but is not very good.
  24. Would rather not take medicine like advil if possible.
  25. Loves her Mac, and her iPod Touch.
  26. Studied abroad in Florence, Italy - Spring 2006.
  27. Dreams of someday owning an antique car.
  28. Loves pepperoni pizza (Lou Malnati's is the best deep dish in Chicago!)
  29. Falls asleep within two minutes of her head hitting the pillow.
  30. Has seen the musical Rent four times.
  31. Has seen Wicked two times.
  32. Childbirth is her all time biggest fear.
  33. Went to overnight summer camp for eight years - since she was 9 years old.
  34. Loves animals, fascinated by chimpanzees and monkeys.
  35. Needs to always write things down/make lists. 
  36. Dreams of traveling the world and seeing all seven continents.
  37. Looks forward to the day she can go on an African safari.
  38. James Taylor was her first concert ever and it was with her dad.
  39. Is the baby of the family with one older sister.
  40. Is a big fan of Netflix.
  41. Believes honesty is the best policy, Karma, positive thoughts, and finding the good in people and in situations. Believes in treating everyone with respect regardless if they are a friend or foe.
  42. Thinks that people deserve a second change. People can change.
  43. Believes in equal rights for all- including gay marriage.
  44. She is pro-environment. She doesn't litter or let people spit gum out of her car window. She thinks we all need to play our part in saving our Ozone. If not for us, for our children.
  45. She has been to 13 countries in Europe.
  46. Has been an extra on a movie set with Matt Damon.
  47. Keanu Reeves shook her hand on the set of HardBall and said, "Pleasure to meet you."
  48. Been inside a fortune cookie factory but now can't look at fortune cookies the same way.
  49. Touched the Stanley Cup twice since the Blackhawks won in 2010. 
  50. Her first kiss/an ex boyfriend is a professional hockey player.
  51. Is a White Sox fan.
  52. Loves sushi.
  53. When she has hiccups, she will have them 3x that day -without fail.
  54. Can touch her tongue to her nose. In fact, it looks like she can pick my nose, but really it is just touching the outer rim.
  55. She cannot sing to save her life.
  56. Caryn is pronounced like Karen. Not Car-in. 

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