Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nothing Beats a Live Concert

When I was little my mom worried that I didn't know music.  I am not sure where she got that idea from, maybe my sister sang in the car louder than me? She doesn't know a lot about music, so maybe she projected that onto me? Either way, turns out that worry of hers was unnecessary. I love music.  I love blaring it while I'm in the shower; while I am getting ready to go out; rocking out in my car, and I love it live. My past birthday I chose a bar specifically because it had a live band. I enjoy going to concerts but I do admit I am more one to sit down on a lawn and enjoy the music than to bounce around and stand the whole time. (Dancing at a concert is fun and encouraged, but I like the option to sit and relax too). My dad took me to see James Taylor for my first ever concert. I have a very clear memory of that day. I also went with him once to see Dave Matthews Band.  Since then, I have continued to go to concerts but honestly my list is shorter than I would have expected.  I will keep this an open running list and add to it as time goes on.

Concerts I have been to (in no particular order):

1. James Taylor
2. Dave Matthews Band
3. OAR
4. Guster (2x)
5. Billy Joel and Elton John together
6. Lifehouse
7. Good Charrolette
8. New Found Glory
9. The Eagles
10. Don Henley and Stevie Nicks
11. Stevie Nicks
12. Tom Petty
13. Crosby Stills and Nash
14. John Mayer (2x)
15. Counting Crows
16. Hootie and the BlowFish
17. Darius Rucker (solo as country singer)
18. Rascal Flatts
19. Carrie Underwood
20. Kris Allen
21. Barenaked Ladies
22. Chicago Symphony
23. Rick Ross
24. Howie Day
25. The Stache (cover band)
26. Sister Hazel

Have you seen any of these singers/groups? What did you think?


Nate said...

Very well said, and I couldn’t agree more. There is a certain feeling you get from live music that you can’t get from recorded music. I believe there is some scientific proof to this too – there are certain frequencies a CD just can’t reproduce (plus the dynamic range sucks) – frequencies we can’t necessarily hear, but can “feel.”

sugarmouse said...

ohemgeeee, that is a SWEET list! i can only dream of seeing all these performers live. unfortunately for me, not a lotta music acts pick my country to come perform :'(

Caryn said...

Nate - I totally agree there is something special to live that you can't get recorded. Sometimes recorded is to synthetic and processed. Some sounds you know are done in a recording studio and they can't be reproduced live.

Sugarmouse- They don't tour in Malaysia? They totally should! I would if I had a band. Thanks for reading my blog!

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